Students Visa Immigration

SR Immigrations helps prepare your complete case for the student program. Our experienced case processing managers will ensure that your case is accurate and complete. We will help you through the entire process: from the moment you register up until your visa issuance.

  • We assist you in the admission process.
  • We assist you in the application process.
  • We assist you with your choice of university and degree.
  • We provide you suggestions for occupation and academics.
  • We provide Pre-departure guidance.
  • We provide Travel guidance.
  • We provide Arrival guidance.

Visa Benefits

  • You can get higher education in any of your favorite and recognized university.
  • Provides you great Scholarships of 50% to 70%.
  • Improve your academic skills by studying in any topmost institution.
  • Study and work part-time in any country to save extra pennies and develop your future.
  • Aids you in necessary language needs. (IELTS)

Settlement Programs

  • SR Immigrations assists you in the complete preparation and execution of your case to propose for Settlement Plan.
  • Our team of professionals guides you with accurate and error-free case and all details
  • We will guide you through the complete process: from the initial registration to the application of your Visa
  • We will guide you about all the steps after registration and issuance of Visa to the departure details
  • Helps with the language requirements. (IELTS)
  • Guide for the Multiple-Entry Visa and Program
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