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SR Immigrations provide complete service of consultation from the initial assessment to the application of visa. We provide our customers, full-fledged information, and description to make the process convenient. We involve our clients in all the steps to make them sure of each level.

Student Visa

Our experienced case processing managers will ensure that your case is accurate and complete.

Work Permit

Our experienced case processing managers will ensure that your case is accurate and complete.

Assessing Skills

We provide services of your choice. We work by assessing your skill and interest and provide you relating package. Our team provides you a consultation in a friendly and co-operative manner.

Professional Team

SR Immigrations is having a highly professional and experienced team to guide you better and provide you best consultation. We believe in working in a friendly and wide atmosphere. Our team will guide and suggest you the best, by keeping your choices at priority. Our team will have a friendly conversation with you to extract the idea of your goal and will provide you the best consultation for your future.

Case Preparation

After knowing your destination and visa choice, our team will assist you in preparing your case to present in a foreign country. We will aid you with all the important documents required and our team will finalize your case.

Expert opinion

Your choice is our prime concern. But if you are confused to choose the best plan for you, then our team can guide you with the best decision. SR Immigrations has a specialized professional team for consultation with our clients.

Visa Application

When you are done with choosing your desired visa, we proceed by applying for your visa and go through all the formalities. Each type of visa requires a different process and documents. SR Immigrations assist you in applying for a visa by fulfilling the necessities of your visa.


Our Commitment:


Pioneers in the world of immigration, SR Immigrations has marked its name by providing services to numerous clients. We have built our trust by providing exceptional services to our clients.

Our team’s efforts from past years has made our organization, one of the best among consultation companies in Dubai. We look forward to welcoming our respectable new clients and assist them in settling in one of the best countries, of their choice.

If you are looking to live, study, or work abroad, the best immigration consultation company will make the process easier for you. SR Immigrations will provide you error free and professional cases with the help of case processing managers.

SR Immigrations is one of the successful immigration consultancy firms in Dubai.  United Arab Emirates. We are your best Immigration and student visa consultants to reach out to.



  • Guide for the right Study Program for you.
  • Guide for the right Citizenship Program for you.
  • Guide for the right Work Program for you.
  • Guide for the right Business and Trade Program for you.
  • Guide for the right Spouse Settlement Program for you.
  • Guide for the right Tourist Program for you.
  • Guide for the Multiple-Entry Visa and Program.
  • Guide for the Open-Permit Visa Program.
  • Guide for the Transit Visa Program.
  • Guide for other services.

We run all kinds of immigration Services that vow your success


Since 2015 we are working as
Immigration Consultant

We have been counselling students for educational opportunities in Foreign countries from last 5 years.

The staff at SR Immigrations our handpicked from various nationality who are prepared and have recent long stretches of involvement in each visa part guarantees the best consumer loyalty and keeps on broadening the remarkable method to assist each sort of client at all levels.

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